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2nd Coming of Rijesus Rijekuto 202 7
DFO's kicking the bucke... Sekhmet 312 3
Petition for TO Seiriko 296 0
RIP Trickster Online. Sekhmet 430 7
Merry Christmas! (2012) Seiriko 488 1

Merry Christmas! (2012)
Posted by Seiriko - 12-25-12 08:08 - 1 comments
Merry Christmas!

user posted image

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Happy Easter!
Posted by Seiriko - 04-8-12 07:38 - 2 comments


user posted image

My Easter Eggs are shiny this year! Did you decorate any? What do yours look like? (Post some pictures if you haven't already eaten them!)

Read 942 times - last comment by Seiriko

Happy Pi Day Everyone!
Posted by Seiriko - 03-14-12 05:59 - 1 comments
Its 03-14, meaning today is Pi day! To celebrate, check out this pi-tastic video of some really cool work with Dominos.

Read 920 times - last comment by BahamutInfinity

Happy Round-Up Day!
Posted by Seiriko - 02-29-12 07:13 - 0 comments
user posted image
Found the image here...

Enjoy having an extra day to do stuff with. And by extra I mean the rounded up bit of left-overs at the end of every year. shinra_a-ha-ha.gif
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Christmas 2011
Posted by Seiriko - 12-25-11 21:22 - 5 comments
Merry Christmas Everyone! Sorry I'm being too lazy to find a cute picture, and I'm a little late, but its the thought that counts, right? Anyways, I hope everyone's holidays have gone great!
Read 1013 times - last comment by Seiriko

Happy Thanksgiving!
Posted by Seiriko - 11-24-11 16:26 - 0 comments
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Hope everyone has a safe and fun-filled Thanksgiving! If you haven't played around with it yet, Google's homepage is a customizable finger turkey. (Its really cute. You should totally give it a try.)
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November Updates
Posted by Seiriko - 11-6-11 13:24 - 4 comments
Time Changes, and what you should do about them
If you live in the USA, don't forget:
Daylight Saving Time (United States) began Sunday, March 13, 2011, and ends Sunday, November 6, 2011.
Except Arizona and Hawaii. Move your clocks ahead 1 hour in spring and back 1 hour in fall ("Spring forward, fall back").

If you haven't properly set up your forum account, the post times may appear to be wrong, so don't forget to go into your User CP and check out your Board Settings section. If your time zone is correct and the board's time isn't, uncheck the "Is daylight savings time in effect?" box if it is checked, and the times should show up properly.

Board Maintenance
Deleted spam accounts, and accounts with less than 1 post since their creation.
Read 1082 times - last comment by Seiriko

Happy 4th of July
Posted by Omsk - 07-3-11 21:52 - 7 comments
user posted image

Don't light any (uncontrolled) fires, guys.
Read 1210 times - last comment by Omsk

Summer 2011 Updates & Contest
Posted by Seiriko - 05-27-11 14:28 - 0 comments


You may notice our member count is down by about 50%. Earlier today I cleaned out any bot accounts and members who have not posted anything since registering.

Created a category for all Elsword topics, and moved existing topics regarding this game into it. Since I don't really know what this game looks like, if anyone spots one I missed let one of the Admins/Moderators know so we can re-arrange things.


Want to have a hand in the creation of the next board skin? Check out the one named "Angelus" from the drop-down menu on the Home page, as it will be used for the template! Post a reply to this thread with your recommendations, as well as possible image(s) to use in the header. Please keep in mind that the images must not be simple game screenshots, and they need to be a rather high resolution. As such, only post links to the images in your message [the forum image rules still apply here]. After we get about five submissions or so, one will be chosen and made into the newest skin!
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Happy Easter!
Posted by Sekhmet - 04-24-11 11:11 - 3 comments
Easter bunny for you all;

Have a good one!
Read 1269 times - last comment by Seiriko

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